Inner fire at Firely

Inner fire. Group exhibition. Firely, Amsterdam
14|10 until 16|12|2022. Curated by C.A. Wertheim, with special thanks to Anne van As

Participant artists: Anne van As, Heike Kati Barath, Sjef van Beers, 
Lisanne Hoogerwerf, Julia Kiryanova, Pieter Kusters,
 Fons van Laar, Daniel Levi, Thijs Linssen, C.A. Wertheim

Inner fire
The first exhibition in the new Firely office is titled Inner fire. This title is not only a reference to the company name, but also reflects the most important qualities of an artist: passion and willpower. After all, an artist creates artefacts that no one has asked for. During the exhibition in the various rooms of the Firely office, the ten participating artists show the idiosyncratic and imaginative results of their inner fire. A fire that is not devastating, but contagiously inspiring.

About Firely
Firely's software ensures that computer systems in healthcare can "talk" to each other, even if they are of different manufacturers and types, and they are located at different healthcare providers. This is called interoperability. Try that word. Interoperability is as difficult to achieve as it is to pronounce. But it is very important for patients, doctors and for all of us.

Opening hours: Fridays, 4 - 7 PM

Finissage: 16|12|2022, 5 - 7 PM

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Inner fire: 10 kunstenaars tonen passie en wilskracht. NRC. 19 November 2022



Wahlverwandschaften III

Wahlverwandtschaften III
Group exhibition

KW/RANDLAGE, Worpswede, Germany. From 27|11|2021 until 27|2|2022

Wahlverwandtschaften III


Cokkie Snoei

Sunken with the crown. Julia Kiryanova
Ik ben er even niet. C.A. Wertheim

Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam. 02|1| until 12|2|2022

Opening: 30|01|2022. 2 - 5 PM


KUNSTWERK VAN DE WEEK. Volkskrant. 28|1|2022
by Anna van Leeuwen

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Cokkie Snoei Volkskrant Gallery viewer



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